Monday, July 6, 2015

Explorations of Spiritual Growth

“All of my Spiritual Growth work is driven by my intention to provide my fellows in this incarnation with a 'boost' for their own path of Spiritual Growth. My goal is to help all of us feel free to reawaken to full awareness of the Wholeness that is inherently ours.”

How often have you wished you had been born with a "user's manual" to help you make decisions in your life? My custom hand painted Personal Mandala-Shield Paintings are visually symbolic representations of the spiritual goals you yourself have set for this life. After consulting with you, reflecting, and meditating, I paint a custom, personalized, beautiful mandala that becomes your energetic, daily reminder to encourage you to accomplish the goals you set yourself for this incarnation, bringing healing and balancing. I have painted over 1,000 Mandala Shield paintings for people in 11 countries.